Press Kit: Don't Take My Beans!

Fact Sheet

Game Name
Don't Take My Beans!
Jesdo Software LLC
iOS, Android
Release Date
Q1 2022
Teen (violence, blood)
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After the world ended, canned food became the new gold. A gang of mutants has stolen your hoard of beans, and you'll stop at nothing to get them back!

Don't Take My Beans! is a one-thumb, endless run and gun action game. Dodge, shoot, crouch, and launch grenades to fight wave after wave of enemies. Collect gears to forge items that make you more powerful. But the more beans you collect, the stronger the enemy will become…


  • Killer graphics and sound design
  • Simple, one-handed controls
  • Adaptive difficulty that scales to your abilities
  • Optional ads only, and no microtransactions
  • Respect for your time

Logo & Icon

Don't Take My Beans! logo
Don't Take My Beans! icon



About Jesdo Software

Jesdo Software is an independent game studio specializing in games that take full advantage of the mobile form factor and employ ethical monetization. Founded in Brooklyn, New York, USA in 2016, Jesdo Software is now based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Software Engineering
Jesse Douglas (Jesdo Software)
Graphics & Presentation
Thaddaeus Andreades
Sound Design
Gavin S. Slyman
Ethan Meixsell

Monetization Permission

Jesdo Software LLC allows for the reproduction and creation of derivative works of the artwork, sound, and gameplay of Don't Take My Beans!, for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, provided such use remains within compliance of the License Agreement. Monetization of materials created containing assets from Don't Take My Beans! is legally and explicitly allowed by Jesdo Software LLC, as long as it remains within compliance of the License Agreement.

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